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Digital Wave is held at the BIC in Bournemouth - the home of the country’s fastest-growing digital economy – it will shine a light on all the degree, college, apprenticeship and career opportunities on offer in the UK’s most exciting industry.

Book your free tickets to attend Digital Wave, a one-day digital careers conference on the 2nd October, exclusively for 14 – 19 year olds.

Anyone under 19 is invited and can attend via their school, college, or independently. An ensemble of acclaimed speakers and exhibitors will be there to help inspire the next wave of digital talent - from creative and technical roles to marketing and management.

Spaces are limited so teachers, tutors and students can book their free tickets on a first-come, first-served basis via our Eventbrite page.


We will be announcing our 2017 speakers nearer the time of the conference, but take a look at a few of the speakers we’ve had in the past to get an idea of what to look forward to on the day.

  • Andrew Spooner

    Andy Spooner

    Technical Evangelism Lead | Microsoft UK

    What’s a Technology Evangelist? Andy set about explaining exactly what they are, why we need them, and how evangelists existing in all industries – as long as there is passion. Referencing other passionate individuals who have made big successes in short timeframes because of their deep love of a subject, Andy emphasised how authenticity and the art of storytelling are vital to passing on your passion to others.

    As most people in their lives will work within a sales remit of some kind, his advice was that if you can explain something technical or complicated with energy and an infectious enthusiasm, you will become successful.

  • Victoria Buchanan

    Victoria Buchanan

    Creative Director | Tribal Worldwide

    Ranging from things like ‘don’t hate maths’ to ‘being nice isn’t boring’, Victoria had 20 top tips that she would give to her younger self to share with the audience. She referred to her experiences throughout her career that have led her to form an understanding of the importance of proving yourself rather than thinking you’re the boss before you are.

    She emphasised how making something now and drawing or writing down your ideas will further your development, and to be brave enough to chase your dreams. Girls can code – and should (as coders get paid well). Age isn’t a barrier in starting out in your career, so get making, get drawing and get good until you’re great.

  • Mary Keane-Dawson

    Mary Keane-Dawson

    Managing Director | Neo@Ogilvy  

    What does it take to ‘make it’ in the digital industry? Mary educated the audience on what skills they needed to become a part of the digital revolution and detailed a manifesto for them to live by. She set out to show how it doesn’t matter what your background is, there is a place for you in the digital industry.

    Her advice was to show focus by getting qualifications under your belt; to start networking early and show off your personality on LinkedIn; and finally to make cool stuff so that you have original content to help you get a job. Essentially though, as long as you have the three Cs – courage, commitment, and collaboration, then you will go far.

  • Nadya Powell

    Nadya Powell

    Managing Director | Sunshine

    Nadya shared the practical career tips she wished her careers advisor had given her when she was at school. Her talk focused on choosing a job, getting a job and staying in it. As most of the jobs that will be available in digital in the future don’t even exist yet, Nadya’s advice was to try different things out and not be scared of job-hopping.

    A varied career will be beneficial in the future. With advice spanning from doing away with the traditional CV and covering letter in favour of telling a personal and tailored story, to dressing appropriately for work, Nadya had a plethora of useful tips for the next digital generation to help them get a head-start in their career.

  • Danny Duke

    Danny Duke

    Managing Director | Outpost

    Danny has the rare opportunity of working on Hollywood titles such as Harry Potter and Star Wars in an agency outside of London. He is the MD at visual effects (VFX) company Outpost VFX right here in Dorset and he spoke to the audience about how he got to where he is today. Showcasing some of the exciting work you can create with visual effects, Danny talked about the kinds of jobs available in the VFX industry.

    He championed the idea of becoming a specialist early in life to give yourself an edge over others, but stressed not to rush into educating yourself about a career if you’re not sure if it’s what you want. There’s no shame in deciding what you want to do later in life; university is an option at any age.

  • Luke Williams

    Luke Williams

    Social Media Innovation Officer | RNLI

    Think that you can’t make a career out of social media? Think again. And if you’re saving lives in the process that all adds up to a pretty cool job. Luke’s talk was all about how technology is vital to getting a message out to the RNLI’s audience and how they can use it to bring the dangers of the sea and the work that they do into people’s peripheral.

    Virtual Reality is just one way that technology enables them to do this more effectively. He loves his job because he gets to create things that other people share, gets to experiment with different platforms such as Instagram, and Snapchat, and even gets to collaborate with The Lab Bible to get in touch with his audience. His job is always changing and that’s what makes social media an exciting area to work in.

Participating organisations

The following organisations will be attending Digital Wave to offer advice and answer any questions that attending students may have. They will also be showing off some of their exciting tech!

  • Arts University Bournemouth
  • Bournemouth University
  • Bournemouth & Poole College
  • bima
  • Digital Horizons
  • Silicon South
  • Love Love
  • Redweb
  • Dorset LEP

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