Digital Wave returns to the BIC on Tuesday 18th October. Join a host of digital experts and acclaimed guest speakers at the biggest digital exhibition for teenagers in the UK. Come and explore the exciting world of digital, learn about career options in the industry and play with the latest technical innovations. The next wave is coming. Book your tickets now.


This year’s speakers line-up is taking shape already with some exciting industry experts ready to share their insights. Watch this space to see which other movers and shakers we have on the bill.

  • Andrew Henning

    Andrew Spooner

    Technical Evangelism Lead | Microsoft UK

    Andrew has been building, designing, producing and evangelising digital products for over 20 years although he won't admit to that timeframe if you question him about it. He’s spent the last 6 years at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist where he now leads a team of evangelists working with the next generation of hardware and software.

    Pet hates include writing about himself in the 3rd person, technology that over promises and under delivers and the amount of plastic that humans seem to use temporarily and then discard. His favourite technology until recently was the human but now it is artificial intelligence. He didn't see that coming.

  • Victoria Buchanan

    Victoria Buchanan

    Creative Director | Tribal Worldwide

    As a dyslexic school girl who only excelled in math and art, Victoria Buchanan learned to code while gaining her Masters qualification in Interactive Art. Her first job was at Gran Turismo where she created 3D worlds for computer games. Now a multi award-winning digital queen, she works with clients ranging from Volkswagen and O2 to Boots and The Guardian. Most recently, she received the IPA Woman of Tomorrow Award.

    Victoria is one of the few female Creative Directors within digital which further draws attention to one of her passions - diversity. She wants to champion more females to become leading figures in the industry and is an ambassador for Creative Equals.

  • Andrew Henning

    Danny Duke

    Managing Director | Outpost

    Danny is an experienced digital artist and producer whose role as Managing Director at Outpost VFX is a dream come true. From a young age his aim was to see his imagination come to life through film and games. Graduating from Bournemouth University in 2006 his first role was developing Star Wars Battlefront III for gaming legends Free Radical Design. Danny has since worked across both the Video Games and Visual Effects industries on IPs such as Tron, Harry Potter, James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Space and Wall-E.

    Since joining Outpost nearly two years ago the team has increased from 7 to 37, with Outpost increasingly treading on the toes of the world’s biggest VFX houses to win interesting and challenging VFX work.

  • David Burton

    David Burton

    Head of Innovation | Redweb

    From paper to pixels, David trained as a fine artist before venturing into digital at the turn of the century. Now Head of Innovation at Redweb, David sets out to explore ideas, experimenting with new technologies and sharing what is learned with staff and clients.

    Last year David touched on how he pursued a career in digital while showcasing the projects completed at Redweb and what possibilities lie on the horizon for the digital students of the future. We are welcoming him back on the stage again this year and his talk is titled: The future arrives before we see it.

  • Wyndham Lewis

    Wyndham Lewis

    Executive Committee Member | BIMA

    Voted by his peers onto British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) as a director, Wyndham’s career in media, technology and all things creative began in 1996. He focuses on the relationship between academia and business while ensuring the UK remains a global force in creative and technical industries.

    We are honoured to have Wyndham compere the day by introducing the speakers and the panel and taking questions from the audience and via the Digital Wave app; a digital Jeremy Paxman or Dermot O’Leary if you will!

  • Andrew Henning

    Andrew Henning

    CEO | Redweb

    Andrew is the founder of Digital Wave and founder and CEO of digital agency Redweb. Having manned the helm of the award-winning digital agency since its beginnings in 1997, Andrew has steered the agency towards success ever since. Redweb design and build large websites for clients including Cancer Research UK, the Department for Education, and the Science Museum.

    As someone who is extremely passionate about getting young people into digital, Andrew founded Digital Wave to excite the next generation about careers in the industry. Outside of Redweb, Andrew is an Executive Board Member of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) as well as the founder of the annual BIMA Digital Day initiative.

Participating organisations

The following organisations will be attending Digital Wave to offer advice, answer any questions you may have and show you some of their tech!

  • Arts University Bournemouth
  • Bournemouth University
  • Tribal Worldwide
  • Bournemouth & Poole College
  • Createful
  • Crowd
  • Rarely Impossible
  • Outpost VFX
  • Neo@Ogilvy
  • Redweb

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