Digital Wave, 2015, a celebration of all things digital exclusively for young people in Dorset. If you missed the talks from our acclaimed speakers and exhibitors, check out our highlights video and be inspired to be a part of the next wave of digital talent in the UK’s most exciting industry.


We were lucky enough to have some of Dorset’s most successful digital professionals and entrepreneurs deliver insightful talks at this year’s event. Take a look below at what our guests had to say on the day.

  • Arabella Lewis-Smith

    Arabella Lewis-Smith

    Founder and Managing Director | Salad

    Jointly founding the Salad graphic design and digital agency in 2001 – aged 26 and with a background in fashion – Arabella is living proof that, starting with just passion and a creative spark, anything is possible.

    A digital career path wasn’t an option when Arabella began her working life. Her talk followed her career path and how to not only break into the digital industry, but successfully run your own company.

  • Jim Cregan

    Jim Cregan

    Founder | Jimmy's Iced Coffee

    Dorset lad Jim discovered his love of iced coffee in Australia and, with the help of his sister, created his own brand of chilled caffeine. Stocked in Selfridges since 2011, Jim’s product range can be found in fridges in over 3,000 outlets across the UK including Tesco, Waitrose and BP.

    Launching a new business in the crowded coffee market isn’t easy, but digital media has played a big part in the success of Jim’s coffee business. Along with taking the crowd through his entrepreneurial journey, this was the main focus of his talk; utilising digital resources to make your dreams a reality.

  • Mike Hawkyard

    Mike Hawkyard

    MD | Amuzo

    As MD of mobile games studio Amuzo, Mike helps brands harness the power of play to engage, educate and inspire mobile audiences around the world. As a Board member of TIGA, a trade association for computer game companies, he helps British studios stay competitive in a global marketplace.

    Mike returned to Digital Wave for the second year running with an entertaining and informative presentation. Demonstrating one of Amuzo’s new games, Mike invited a willing participant to play the game live on stage and offered the student a prize for taking part.

  • Peter Truckel

    Peter Truckel

    Director | BU

    Peter works at Bournemouth University as the Director of The VFX Hub and is co-creator of BFX, Bournemouth’s internationally recognised festival and competition of VFX and animation. Throughout his career he’s worked on critically acclaimed films like Blade Runner and Aliens as well as winning multiple awards working with household names.

    Determination and focus were themes that ran through Peter’s talk. His inspiration and focus came from watching Star Wars and he hopes that the new film will ignite the same determination in a new wave of young digital artists. Peter also highlighted the impact that BFX has had on the industry in the Bournemouth area.

  • Joshua Carr

    Joshua Carr

    Guru | IBM

    Self-Proclaimed as having the 'Coolest job in tech', Joshua shows up, showcases, and shows off the technical capabilities of IBM. Speaking almost exclusively to developers, Joshua bypasses 'marketing nonsense', having open and honest conversations with the people who he thinks matter most: the people who develop with IBM's technology on a daily basis.

    Put simply, Joshua feels that the best way to inspire others is to show and tell them what excites you. This is his philosophy on success and he shared his deeper thoughts on the topic with the attending students.

  • Wyndham Richardson

    Wyndham Richardson

    Co-Founder & MD | Pulselive (A Sony Company) / Hawkeye

    Wyndham serves as a Board Member for both Hawk-Eye Innovations and Pulselive (acquired by Sony in 2011). Wyndham oversees all areas of the business including the digital properties and products of Pulselive’s major clients, including the Premier League, International Cricket Council, World Rugby, ESPN, Expedia and SAP.

    During his talk, Wyndham explained Hawkeye technology and the huge role it now plays in most sports. He explained how important the technology now is and how it gives judges and officials an insight into what’s happening in sporting events through the use of video technologies.

  • Luke Guppy

    Luke Guppy

    Frontend Director | Pulselive (A Sony Company)

    Luke works with our other guest speaker, Wyndham Richardson, and heads up the frontend team at Pulselive, looking after the way sports fans consume and interact with sporting events on the web.

    Along with Wyndham, Luke delved deep into Hawkeye and Pulselive’s technology and explained how at Pulselive they use data from live sports events and video content to give real insight into the nation’s favourite sporting events.

  • Craig Philbrick

    Craig Philbrick

    Marketing and Brand Manager | Etch

    Craig is constantly looking for ways to disrupt the norm to help Etch achieve greater brand exposure.

    Deeming himself a failure in terms of academia, Craig’s talk focused on how failure isn’t always the end and that the digital industry is a great platform for failing, learning and growing. He inspired the crowds with his passion for what he does and his story on how he moved from failure to success.

  • David Burton

    David Burton

    Head of Innovation | Redweb

    From paper to pixels, David trained as a fine artist before venturing into digital at the turn of the century. Now Head of Innovation at Redweb, David sets out to explore ideas, experimenting with new technologies and sharing what is learned with staff and clients. The digital world is his playground.

    Aiming to inspire students with his talk, David touched on how he got into a digital career while showcasing the projects completed at Redweb and what possibilities lie on the horizon for the digital students of the future.

  • Andrew Timms

    Andrew Timms

    Marketing Director | Folk

    Andrew has 15 year’s agency side experience in London creating digital marketing strategies for some of the world’s largest brands.

    Andrew was on the panel and told the audience to be keen, show what they’ve been thinking and give companies a good idea of what they are like. He also said not to worry about failure; the next day is another day, keep going try again and you’ll only get better.

  • David Ford

    David Ford

    Chief Executive | Bright Blue Day Group

    With experience working for multiple leading advertising agencies in London and running the Apple account in the 90’s, David moved home to set up his own successful integrated agency with digital at its heart.

    Focusing on practical tips, David recommended things like building a portfolio of work, always keeping a notebook to scribble down ideas and to start their own blog so they can develop their own style. David’s advice to the audience was “Life is a journey, so make sure you enjoy it. If not, try something different, don’t get stuck in a job you don’t enjoy”.

  • Andrew Henning

    Andrew Henning

    CEO | Redweb

    Andrew is the founder and CEO of Redweb, forming the award winning digital agency in 1997. Redwen design and build large websites for clients such as Cancer Research, Department for Education and Organix. He is an Executive Board Member of BIMA and the founder of Digital Wave.

    Andrew advised the students to engage with agencies on Twitter – it’s important to do groundwork with companies you’re interested in working for and tell them something interesting. While there are many avenues you can go down in digital, he suggested that it’s important to pick a specialism, remembering you can always change your mind later on!

  • Wyndham Lewis

    Wyndham Lewis

    Executive Committee Member | BIMA

    Voted by his peers onto British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) as a director, Wyndham’s career in media, technology and all things creative began in 1996. He focuses on the relationship between academia and business while ensuring the UK remains a global force in creative and technical industries.

    We were honoured to have Wyndham compere the day by introducing the speakers and the panel and took questions from the audience and via twitter throughout Digital Wave; a digital Jeremy Paxman or Dermot O’Leary if you will!

  • Tara Mussell

    Tara Mussell

    Co-founder and Managing Director | Ratio

    Fresh from winning two Dorset Venus Awards for her contribution towards women in business, co-founding Ratio, dedicated to inventing smart products that make people’s lives easier.

    Tara took students through her digital career journey to being Managing Director of a digital company via a foray into the dance world, showing that it is possible to change your career course. Wanting to change misconceptions people often have of the industry, Tara explained the different roles within digital, not limited just to coders and developers, but across a vast spectrum of job roles.

Here are just a few photos from Digital Wave 2015, to see more visit our Flickr album.

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